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Swing Bed Program
Here at Ochiltree General Hospital, we are proud to offer a Swing Bed Program designed to assist patients in reaching their highest potential for health and independence prior to returning to their home. Our program is ideal for patients who require skilled physical therapy, IV medication therapy, wound care, or other skilled care services.
The Ochiltree General Hospital Swing Bed Program helps you transition your recovery from the hospital to your home. No matter where you have your surgery or receive health care, if you qualify for swing bed services, you can return home to Ochiltree General’s Swing Bed Program for rehabilitation or skilled nursing needs. The Swing Bed Program brings together a team of caring physicians, nurses, therapists, dietitians, a swing bed coordinator, and a social worker to help you meet your individual recovery goals.

For More Information
For more information on the Swing Bed Program at Ochiltree General Hospital, please contact Swing Bed Manager Ashley Boyd at
806-648-7932 or  

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