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Physical Therapy


The Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department at Ochiltree General Hospital offers both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services to help with recovery after surgery, illness or injury, right here in our own community. Located on the North East side of Ochiltree General Hospital campus, the brand new Physical Therapy building offers the same great, hometown service now in a more convenient and private location for patients.


At Ochiltree General,  the Physical Therapy Department provides services directly to outpatients, inpatients and home health patients. Additionally, the PT department also provides rehab services for OGH’s  swing bed program, after orthopedic surgeries or other illnesses/injuries that required an acute admission into an area hospital. In the OGH Physical Therapy Department, many methods are utilized to help restore strength, flexibility, coordination and function after a physical impairment, including:


  • Strengthening exercises

  • Stretching

  • Joint mobilizations

  • Functional activities

  • Modalities

    • Ultrasound

    • Traction

  • For More Information 

    To schedule an appointment or for more information on the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department at Ochiltree General Hospital, please contact Physical Therapy Department Manager Melanni Schollenbarger, MPT, at 806-648-7147 or

    This is an exterior image of the physical therapy building.
    This is a picture of a staff member assisting a patient in physical therapy.


    This separate building is located on the Northwest side of the hospital.  Designated parking has been reserved for patients' ease of access.

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