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Social Services


The Social Services Department at Ochiltree General Hospital offers assistance in dealing with the financial, social and emotional questions that arise with illness and hospitalization, including aftercare referrals and questions regarding healthcare coverage.



The Social Services Department at OGH is available to help you and your family cope with the problems and stress that often accompany illness or hospitalization. Our social workers lend a helping hand to assist you in any way we can, both with the practical problems you may encounter as well as emotional stress and strain. Professional social workers are trained to help patients and family members deal with financial, social and emotional problems that relate to illness or hospitalization. Members of the department can also assist with making decisions and arrangements for discharge needs. They are experienced in working with community agencies who may be able to  provide you with services.

Candie Pickett is assisting a client with her medicare paperwork.

Medicare Benefits Counseling

A growing population is using Medicare, but with all of the confusing and conflicting information out there, choosing and using the correct plan is more important than ever.  Candie Pickett is OGH's Medicare Benefits Counselor, you can reach her at 806-648-7311 to make an appointment. 


Advance Directives

Would you like to learn more about advance medical directives such as Living Wills and Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare? Information, materials and forms are available through the Social Services Department at Ochiltree General Hospital and our on-site social worker, Candie Pickett, can review them with you if you have any questions.


For More Information

For more information on the Social Services Department at Ochiltree General Hospital, please contact Social Services Manager Candie Pickett at 806-648-7311 or  

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