The Dean Allen Willis Foundation

About the Foundation

Ochiltree Hospital District is the recipient of Funds provided by the Dean Allen Willis Foundation. These funds are used solely for Emergency Room and Trauma Education for Staff and Physicians. The Dean Allen Willis Foundation has been a vital aid for Ochiltree Emergency Center and will continue to do so with your help. 

Additionally, the Foundation helps meet special needs of Ochiltree General Hospital to maintain its Texas Department of Health Level IV trauma designation. 

The Dean Allen Willis Foundation was founded by the family of Dean Allen Willis who died in 1996 at the age of fifteen from injuries sustained in an auto accident. 

Seminars and training session for trauma and emergency care allow Ochiltree General Hospital to maintain it's Level IV trauma center designation. Local seminars are held at least annually. In addition, staff members are sent to other cities for workshops and training relevant to trauma

and emergency care. Educators from medical schools and/or teaching hospitals conduct these training sessions. 

Equipment may be purchased for trauma care at Ochiltree General Hospital and other unforeseen needs of the hospital may be financed by the foundation. 

The Dean Allen Willis Foundation is a 501 (C) 3, Tax Exempt Private Foundation which is supported by gifts from individuals. 

The Foundation posts notices in the newspaper and on the radio to inform the public regarding Foundation funded education and training programs and to give the Community an opportunity to participate with contributions. 

For more information on the Dean Allen Willis Foundation and its mission here in Ochiltree County, please take a moment to read the story of Perryton High School graduation, Callen Kinnard, and her dream to return to Perryton as a healthcare provider by clicking here.


How Can I Help? 

For more information about the Dean Allen Willis Foundation or how you may contribute to this foundation, please write to: 

The Dean Allen Willis Foundation 
P.O. Box 1046 
Perryton, Texas 79070