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Price Transparency Information


To make medical pricing more transparent, all U.S. hospitals are required to provide the following pricing lists. The pricing is listed by the Current Procedural Terminal (CPT) code used by insurance companies. The lists are in a spreadsheet format. 

PLEASE NOTE: The pricing lists below show charges prior to contract negotiations with individual insurance providers. They may be useful for comparing pricing with other hospitals,, but they DO NOT indicate actual costs to patients. 

Understanding the cost of Care

Patient Estimator

OGH is committed to offering the highest quality of care and service to our patients and our community.  If you would like to know what the cost of a procedure is click on our patient estimate tool.  You can also view our list of standard charges. 

This is just an estimate and does not guarantee pricing.  The information provided is in accordance to CMS 2019 IPPS final rule (83 FR 41686) requirement. It is to assist our patients in estimating the amount they may be billed for items or services rendered.  It is not intended to be all inclusive of any particular service or procedure as there may likely be more than one item on the list required for any given service or procedure, and pricing may be subject to change. 

**Please note that this estimation tool does not calculate the 30% discount that the hospital offers when a patient account is paid within 30 days of the service.

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