Price Transparency Information


The information provided in this document is in accordance with the CMS 2019 IPPS final rule (83 FR 41686) requirement. It is to assist our patients in estimating the amount they may be billed for items or services rendered. It is not intended to be all inclusive of any particular service or procedure as there may likely be more than one item on the list required for any given service or procedure, and pricing may be subject to change, however they are current as of January 1, 2019. Patients are encouraged to verify which, if any, additional charges that may be applicable to any given service or procedure should they wish to have a more accurate estimate. This can be done by emailing your inquiry to:


If you have insurance coverage, we would suggest you contact your carrier to determine what your out of pocket expenses may be. That information would likely be in regards to your deductible, copay, and total out of pocket expenses for your policy period. 

THA PricePoint Tool

The Texas PricePoint tool is a user-friendly resource for information on Texas hospitals. Texas PricePoint is sponsored by the Texas Hospital Association, an Austin-based nonprofit statewide trade association representing hospitals and health systems. This PricePoint site was created to provide basic demographic, quality and charge information on Texas hospitals and to promote consumer/hospital interaction.