Mission and Vision Statement


Mission Statement

Ochiltree General Hospital, a critical access hospital with many years of outstanding ethical/professional service, will continue our commitment to provide the highest standard in healthcare to our communities. Ochiltree General will meet needs by offering a wide range of medical services including emergency/trauma care, inpatient care and home health/hospice services as well as outpatient diagnostic/treatment services. Our initiative will be to provide high quality, cost-sensitive healthcare delivering the best value to the people we serve. 

Our Vision

Ochiltree General Hospital will lead the region in focusing on meeting the needs of our communities by promoting health and a higher quality of life for all district residents. Ochiltree General will achieve this by: 


  • Continually assess/improve the provision of services.

  • Enhance staff expertise through educational opportunities.

  • Collaboration between employees/physicians to assure the highest quality outcomes possible for our patients and

  • Maintaining fiscal stability through dialogue between governing board, administration and district staff.