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Dr. DeWitt extends contract

Ochiltree General Hospital is proud to announce Dr. Blake DeWitt of DeWitt Family Practice has extended his contract for 3 years with OGH.

In a recent interview, Dr. DeWitt expressed that the Perryton Community is tight nit and he feels very welcome here. Dewitt said, “The hospital itself supports one another like family and OGH has been an amazing place to work.”

Chief Executive Officer, Leroy Schaffner, presented Dr. DeWitt with his new contract on Wednesday, August 10, 2022.

Chief Operating Officer, Kelly Judice said, “OGH is happy to have Dr. DeWitt commit to serving the community for years to come. Dr. DeWitt is a valued member of our growing team.”

DeWitt Family practice is located in the Waide-Betty Building at 3020 Garrett Drive. DeWitt Family practice offers full family medicine, including: gynecology care and procedures, family-oriented maternity care, obstetric services, newborn and pediatric care, adult health care, annual wellness visits, diabetic education services, Texas Health Steps Well Child exams, and vaccines for children and adults.

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