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Construction Continues at OGH

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Construction Continues at Ochiltree General Hospital

February 9, 2022 – The construction of the surgery center at OGH continues. At present, Wiley Hicks, LLC is on schedule to have the surgery center completed by the end of September 2022. The project will consist of 2 surgery rooms and a remodel of the PACU.

So far, navigating the supply issues and labor shortage has not slowed the construction.

The current construction project is projected to cost $4,900,000. Some of the equipment was purchased for the C-Section Surgery Room which was renovated in 2021 and can be used for all the surgical areas.

OGH Healthcare Foundation has committed $2,500,000 to the current project from funds that the community members and businesses have contributed to the growth and expansion of Ochiltree General Hospital. OGH would like to say Thank You to all who have been able to donate to the Foundation in order for OGH to serve the community.

The community has raised over $3 million, and the Foundation is continuing to receive pledges.

The District Board of Directors are reviewing and developing plans for a large clinic that will allow all OGH healthcare providers to work together under one roof and still have direct access to the hospital which will make it convenient for patients to access Lab, X-Ray, and other ancillary services.

The original plan was to spend about $25 million on updating and adding on to OGH. We are still on track but this may take longer than expected to finish. COVID-19 has upset the healthcare system overall and is making it hard to plan for the unknown future.

Ochiltree General Hospital, your hometown critical access hospital, offers an expansive collection of programs and services designed with you in mind. From our Obstetrics and Women’s Health services to the programs at The Seasons Assisted Living, our aim is to provide for you and your loved ones no matter the stage of life or need.

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