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Campaign Committees

Capital Campaign Committees

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Brent and Pat Allen

Picture of Mary Betty

Mary Betty

Capital Campaign Committee Members

  • Mike Blank

  • Charlotte Hale

  • Tammie and Ren Hensley

  • Barbara and Dr. Dale Johnson

  • Halston and Ryan Johnson

  • Sandy and Sammy Judice

  • Marci and Dr. Tyler Kirklin

  • Margaret Limas

  • Cami and Dr. Randy Skaggs

  • Janet and Rocky Tregellas

  • Sarah and Blake Tregellas

  • Suzanne and Barry Willis

Honorary Committee Chair

Picture of H.C. Brillhart, Jr.

H.C. Brillhart, Jr.

Honorary Committee Members

  • Megan and Dr. Jay Blasingame

  • Betty Caddel

  • Becky and Dr. Manon E. (Tripps) Childers

  • Harold Courson

  • Krista and Kirk Courson

  • Jessica and Dr. Blake DeWitt

  • Lori and Phil Dollar

  • Sharon and John Ellzey

  • Toni and Keith Good

  • Donna and Dr. Rex L. Mann

  • Sam and Dr. Jenny McGaughy

  • Teresa and Dr. Rick Siewert

  • Cynthia and Kerry Symons, Mayor

  • Steph and Donnie Tarvin

  • Brenna and Noon Vela

  • Paige and Steven Waide

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