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Ochiltree General Hospital COVID-19 Update

April 10, 2020 – Ochiltree General would like to address some concerns that have been brought to our attention regarding the precautionary measures your local hospital has taken to protect our most vulnerable community members. Ochiltree General Hospital continues to actively monitor all updates with the Texas Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control in regard to COVID-19. Currently, there are no reported positive cases of COVID-19 in Ochiltree County.

Ochiltree General has implemented measures to keep patients and their own coworkers safe. When patients enter Ochiltree General, they are triaged based on their symptoms so that anyone exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 does not comingle with those individuals who are visiting for outpatient procedures. In addition, staff members are having their temperature taken upon entering the hospital, voluntarily wearing masks throughout the facility as well as practicing social distancing as much as possible in a medical environment.

If you have symptoms including fever, sore throat, cough or difficulty breathing, please call your primary care physician before going to the clinic or Emergency Department. They will instruct you on what to do next. Ochiltree General is offering 24-hour turnaround COVID-19 testing allowing patients to receive a result much faster than previous testing methods.

Again, there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ochiltree County. Ochiltree General is committed to not only providing the highest level of care, but also keeping our community informed of current information during these unprecedented times.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact myself, Jyme Kinnard, at, Chief Nursing Officer Kelly Judice, RN, at or call the hospital main line at 806-435-3606.


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