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Judice Appointed Permanent CEO

December 6, 2023

Press Release

Ochiltree County Hospital District Appoints Interim CEO as Permanent Chief Executive Officer Ochiltree County Hospital District is pleased to announce the appointment of Kelly Judice as the permanent Chief Executive Officer (CEO) effective December 6, 2023.

Judice, who has been serving as the Interim CEO since October 1, 2022, has demonstrated exemplary leadership, dedication, and a deep commitment to the success of the Hospital District. During this interim period, Judice has successfully navigated the hospital through challenges, demonstrated strategic vision, and fostered positive relationships with staff, patients, and the community.

"We are thrilled to officially welcome Judice as our permanent CEO. Her leadership during the interim period has been instrumental in maintaining the hospital's commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare services to our community," said Steph Tarvin, Chair of the Board of Directors.

Judice brings a wealth of experience in Healthcare to the role, having previously served as the District’s Chief Operating Officer, Chief Nursing Officer, and Registered Nurse. Her collaborative approach, strategic mindset, and dedication to the mission of Ochiltree County Hospital District make her an excellent choice for the permanent CEO position.

"I am honored to continue serving the District as the permanent CEO. Together with our dedicated staff and healthcare professionals, we will focus on providing exceptional care to our community and advancing our mission of OGH," said Judice.

During her Interim role, Judice led the extraordinary OGH Team during the Tornado this past summer, as well as the subsequent aftermath. Judice oversaw the completion of the District’s new State of the Art Surgery Center in February of 2023. The District is currently constructing a comprehensive Rural Health Clinic to house all the District providers under one roof. Scheduled completion date is early summer of 2024.

Please join us in congratulating Judice on her appointment as CEO of Ochiltree County Hospital District. She looks forward to leading OGH into a new era of excellence in healthcare.

Debbie Beck, SHRM-SCP

Chief Financial Officer

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