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OGH Acquires New System to Facilitate Earlier Digestive Disease Detection and Treatment

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

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OGH Acquires New System to Facilitate Earlier Digestive Disease Detection and Treatment

November 18 - Ochiltree General Hospital is among the first hospitals in the region to acquire the Olympus Evis Exera III video endoscopy system at its facility. The advanced imaging in the Evis Exera III system will help local physicians detect GI diseases – such as colorectal cancer – at earlier stages when treatments are most successful.

“The clarity on the new Olympus system is exceptional which helps to more clearly detect abnormalities even at their earliest stages,” says local Family Practitioner Dr. Blake DeWitt. “The improved handling on the new Olympus Evis Exera III also makes the entire experience much easier on my patients.”

Early detection can improve treatment outcomes, reduce overall healthcare costs and improve the quality of life for patients. To aid in early detection, the American Cancer Society recommends both men and women at average risk for developing colorectal cancer should be screened for CRC and polyps beginning at age 50. Those with personal or family risk factors should be tested even earlier. It is expected that 328,030 Americans will be diagnosed in 2019 with some form of cancer of the digestive system according to the American Cancer Society.

Ochiltree General Hospital has also acquired the Olympus OER-PRO dual endoscope reprocessor for automated cleaning and disinfection of OGH’s flexible endoscopes. The purchase of the Olympus OER-PRO aligns with OGH’s commitment to acquiring technology that improves patient outcomes and ensures patient safety while also reducing operational costs.

“With the acquisition of the Olympus system, our goals are to improve the efficiency of our operations, enhance our diagnostic capabilities, and – most importantly – deliver world-class care to our patients,” says OGH CEO Leroy Schaffner.

For more information about Ochiltree General Hospital’s endoscopy capabilities, please contact OGH at 806-435-3606 or speak with your local primary care physician.


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